Kugadi empowers your guards to do their best work!

 Kugadi’s Officer Assist mobile app will guide your officer through their guard tour and assist them in creating activity reports that will effectively communicate to your clients. Use RFID tags and NFC technology as well as GPS tracking to increase visibility and accountability for your guards. Get rid of those high-cost and inefficient manual processes and watch your operational efficiency soar!

Better Guard Tracking

Guard Tracking

Have direct visibility into precisely where your officers are at all times during their shifts. Dispatchers can identify when officers may be in danger, when they’re moving, and when they’re not.

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Better Guard Management

Guard Management

Kugadi’s apps are designed to give you real-time situational awareness by automating routine actives, empowering officers and simplifying management. 

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Better Activity Reports

Activity Reports

As guards patrol, they easily create incident reports and daily activity reports through the Kugadi Officer Assist App. Data is available in real time to your command center and your clients.

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