About Kugadi

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Kugadi is a Miami, FL based company focused on using technology to solve real world problems. It was founded in 2015 by Gavin Heale, Brendon Whateley and Todd Shimizu. All three are veterans of multiple high tech companies with decades of collective experience in this space. It has a head office in Miami, FL and a Silicon Valley office in Fremont, CA.

Kugadi was formed after seeing a real market need. Todd Shimizu, Lead Engineer, tells the story of the founding,

“It all started when we had a security guard company as a customer who wanted us to build them a website. We quickly realized they needed a lot more than just a website to really scale their business.”

Todd Shimizu,

Lead Engineer


This lead to the development of a dispatch system, a guard tour system, an activity reporting system and a customer portal. All critical to running a modern security guard company.

We had realized what we wanted to do was solve problems in under-served markets using technology. We’d just seen too many Silicon Valley startups that didn’t solve real problems but rather just chased the latest technology with no idea what market there was for it. We started with a problem and built technology, rather than the other way around.

says Gavin Heale,



Kugadi’s core mission is to make the customer’s life better using the simplest solution possible. We realize that while we are technology focused, not all our customers are so we go out of our way to insulate them from the complexity of what we are doing.

“From the beginning, we’ve focussed on a pragmatic approach, and we always look to make the customer’s life as easy as possible” s

says Brendon Whateley,



Ultimately, we are life long technology enthusiasts who really want to make a difference in the world and we are doing that by helping others to use technology to really improve their business.