Kugadi Guard Tour System

Why Kugadi

Stop being hired as an scapegoat. Prove your guards do an excellent job.

Great Sales Tool for Your Business

Security Sales Tool

Close new prospects, and retain the clients you already have:

Kugadi’s Dispatch System makes your clients feel confident and safe as they stay informed with 24/7 access to their personalized customer portal and electronic daily activity reports.

Easy Reporting

Security Realtime Reports

Automated reports reduces the use of paper and time needing to manually fill out forms.

With Kugadi’s easy-to-report feature, your guards, dispatchers, managers and clients will receive the most up to date reports at the most relevant times. You can choose whether they get an automated email or view them on a portal so everyone gets what they want, how they want it and when they want it.

Reduce Costs Significantly

Reduce Security Guard Costs

Reduce your operational costs by lowering the number of on-site supervisors and the amount of paper used. Real time check-ins provide accuracy and accountability. Automated reports remove the need to write anything down.

Everything is stored on the cloud forever. No need to keep massive amounts of paper reports any more.

Legal Compliance for Time and Attendance

Legal Compliance for Security Guards

Providing security guards means you need to meet federal and state requirements for time and attendance record keeping.

Meet all those legal requirements simply by using our system to automatically record time worked by employees, including break time.

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