Kugadi Guard Tour System

Simple Activity Reports

Automated Daily Activity Reports make you more Efficient

Automated Email Reporting

Daily Activity Reports

Stop spending time on paper reports with Kugadi’s automated, real-time daily activity reports. Through timely and relevant emails, your team and clients will know the guard’s performance at all times.

Have happy customers by making sure they have all the detail they want in each report. You can include pictures taken while the guard was on tour and even maps.

Efficient Customer Portal

Guard Management

Every one of your clients can get real-time and historical activity reports on Kugadi’s web portal.

Everything is stored on the cloud for as long as you need it so even reports from years ago can be easilly obtained.

Make your customers happier by giving them the information they need just when they need it.

Guard Performance Metrics

Guard Performance Metrics

Understand just what your security officers are really doing with their days.

Get a detailed report of how incidents break down by day of week as well as by time of day.

Use metrics to understand the big picture of just what security is getting provided.

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