GPS and RFID Guard Tour System

GPS Guard Tracking

Know who’s on duty and where they are, 100% of the time

Understand not only your officer’s precise physical location right now but also where they have been any time in the past. Kugadi’s GPS guard tracking feature lets you pinpoint any incident with precision and confidence.

Improve efficiency, prevent danger, and provide accurate reporting.

Guard Tour System

Strategic Location Checkpoints

Through physical check-ins, Kugadi provides certainty in knowing that officers are on tour and exactly where they are supposed to be, providing a safer environment and a better service to your clients.

  • Officers wave their phone loaded with the Officer Assist mobile app within 4 inches of strategically mounted NFC RFID tag
  • The physical check-in is automatically reported to the cloud and visible to dispatch and management
  • Managers know the officer is in the correct location at the correct time

Tag any location you want. Give special instructions to your guards on the app for better service to your customer. 

This is just what a RFID Guard Tour System should be.

RFID Guard Tour System

NFC RFID Technology Made Simple

The great advantage of using NFC RFID tags is that they are both simple to use and totally secure.  It is impossible to copy a tag as the identity we use is built in at the factory.

These easy to install checkpoints just need to be touched with our mobile app.  The officer gets custom post instructions associated with the location while at the same time, the time and place are automatically sent to the cloud.

The entire guard tour is tracked in real-time.


Guard Patrol

Operational Efficiency


Through our smartphone app, officers manage their shifts, breaks, patrols and incidents. Your company benefits from lower costs and improved service to your clients.

No other security guard system can give you this level of operational efficiency.

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