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Welcome to our place where we write about topics we think are relevant to the physical security industry. If you like, or dislike, what we have to say, please drop us a line as we're always looking to open dicussions. We hope you enjoy these articles.

How to Get New Accounts for your Security Guard Company

Sales is sometimes the hardest thing you do in your business. We look how to do it well for your security guard company.

How to Beat the Competition for Contract Security Guard Companies

There is always competition in any market but you can beat it. We look at specific strategies for security guard companies.

Workforce Management, a Benefit to Everyone Involved

People talk about how technology can make your business better. We dig into Workforce Management and see what it can do.

Views from the Field – Real World Security Operations

A view from the trenches on how to really use technolgy in your security guard company.

How Artificial Intelligence will Affect the Physical Security Industry

AI is changing how all industries work today. We take a look at how it will effect your security guard company

GPS Guard Tracking and the Modern Security Company

Most people know what GPS is but do you know what it really gives you? We look at the details and how it influences your security guard company.

What Makes a Great Guard Tour System?

What rally makes a great guard tour solution? We look at some of the areas you should evaluate.

Choosing the Right Smartphones for Your Security Business

Not every smartphone is the same. We look at how to choose the best for your security guard company.

Effective Reporting for Physical Security

Customers really want effective reports. We look at how you can do the best for your security guard company.

What to Expect from Mobile Apps in the Security Industry

Everybody has a app for something. How can you get a great one for your security guard company?

Are Your Security Services Effectively Leveraging Technology?

Ever wondered how technology can really make your security guard company shine? Get some great tips here.

Technologies for Tracking Security Guards

So you want to track your guards? We look at all the technolgies that are relevant to your security guard company.

How Accurate Is Your Smartphone Gps

So you have a phone with GPS. How accurate is the data it is actually sending?

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