Security Guard Management

Gain never-before-seen insights into your officers.

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Time and Attendance Monitoring

As the security world gets more complicated legally, it’s crucial that you provide your clients with a comprehensive breakdown of regular hours, overtime hours, and breaks that your employees work.

No more building complicated spreadsheets to track time. Our Guard Tour System tracks time automatically, making it a simple and transparent process for you.

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Automated Daily Activity Reports

All officer tour activity will be collected to generate a daily activity report automatically.

Your supervisors can review these in real-time without needing to go into the field.

Your customers then receive detailed, accurate reports emailed to them daily.

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Portable Citations

Stop manually filling tickets.

Kugadi’s Guard Tour System allows you to print citations directly from your mobile device on a portable bluetooth printer.

These are automatically synchronized with the cloud so your managers can see them in real-time.

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Multiple Branch Support

Full support for companies of all sizes. From small shops to large multi-branch operations, Kugadi supports several levels of management and supervision.

Our system ensures that all supervisors are limited to seeing and managing only their own officers.

Branch level permissions make this all possible.