Security Guard Time and Attendance System

Time and attendance monitoring


In a legally ever more complicated world, it’s critical that you prove exactly what normal hours, overtime hours and breaks you employees work.  

No more building complicated spreadsheets to track time. Our Guard Tour System take’s care of this simply and transparently.

Automated Security Reports

Automated, real-time reports


Real time operational awareness makes your business more efficient

Designed to improve your operations, Kugadi’s Guard Tour System lets you complete tasks quicker and conveniently:

  • Receive, review, and share information easily
  • Easy-to-understand guard performance metrics
  • Customizable for you and your clients
Security Guard Tour

Portable Citations


Stop manually filling tickets, conveniently print parking citations on the go through Kugadi’s Guard Tour System.

Guard Tour System

Multiple branch support


Full support to everyone. From small shops to large multi branch operations, Kugadi supports several levels of management and supervision.

Make sure that every supervisor can do the guard management they need while still keeping others work secure.  Branch level permissions make this all possible.


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