Why automation is critical for your security department

Automation | Decisions | Mar 3, 2021

To keep up with rapidly evolving innovations and emerging threats, top security guard companies are taking strides to keep pace with competitors. According to a recent report from IBISWorld, security companies that embrace technology have a clear edge over the competition. The security market, which is now worth $39.1 billion, is set to boom by 2025 - in part because of technology advancements.

The days when security systems involved just a couple of surveillance cameras and one security guard are long behind us. The most advanced security guard companies are incorporating cutting-edge technologies into their security solutions. These new improvements include a dispatch system, a guard tour system, an activity reporting system and a customer portal. All critical to running a modern security guard company.

Guard Accountability

Enterprises depend upon a wide spectrum of technology solutions to provide required accountability. High end guard systems are designed to give you real-time situational awareness by automating routine activities and ensuring the guards are working in designated or assigned areas. Cutting edge GPS and RFID technology empowers you to know where your officers are 100% of the time. Having these area-focused technology platforms integrated into your processes provides real-time oversight of security personnel and operations. It improves efficiency, prevents danger, and provides accurate reporting by pinpointing any incident with precision and confidence.

Companies that are spearheading these innovations are also able to implement strategic location checkpoints. With physical checkpoints, teams are able to provide confirmation that officers are on tour and exactly where they are supposed to be, resulting in a safer environment and a better service to their clients.

Eliminating Problem Areas

By using technology that provides real-time information and feedback, guard companies are able to identify problem areas quicker and fix the issue. For example, there might be an area on a property that might not have effective lighting and it could be a hotspot for theft activity. By companies using the technology available to identify such areas in real-time, they can fix the issue before any incidents may occur, providing a safer area for the companies.

Businesses can also utilize technology to access performance metrics for their guards. Modern integrated security systems enable accurate, concise daily reports that offer key insights about your security plan. This will provide an opportunity for leadership teams to understand precisely what their security officers are doing with their days.

Knowledge is power

Understanding where you guards are and which checkpoints have been attended to provides a holistic view of your security zone. This provides the decision-makers with the information they need to better evaluate their security guard’s performance. They have access to pull detailed reports that can provide an overview of incidents that are broken down by the day of the week and the time of day. These capabilities will provide a comprehensive view of the security provided so teams can access and make real-time changes to improve their security strategy.

The power of automation means we can simplify and enhance the job of security professionals and make it more accurate and efficient by eliminating repetitive and monotonous tasks from their daily routines.

Additional Technology Means Better Security

At present time, most security companies are relying on the technology available today, to further improve their security approach. The outcome has made these modern security platforms an essential element for any first-class security tactic. It is also critical to ensure company clients enjoy the communications, accountability, and transparency they deserve. That’s why the best security services all incorporate advanced technological solutions into their security plans.

Unique technology has had a profound impact on the security industry as a whole in the past few years. Any serious CEO or business owner should never overlook their premises’ security and safety. A balanced combination of physical security, well-trained security guards, and smart technology is key to any company’s success.

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Why automation is critical for your security department
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