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How Data Illuminates Safety Concerns
Data | Covid-19 | Jan 11, 2021

Looking at the data you collect greatly helps you run your security guard company

Why Managing Security Guards via Mobile is a Must in a COVID-19 World
Mobile Tech | Covid-19 | Dec 1, 2020

During COVID-19, its become more important to use technology to mange your security guards

Using Analytics to get new customers for your Security Company
BLOG | Analytics | Dec 11, 2019

In a modern security company, you need sophisticated data to get and keep customers. Analytics helps you do this.

Great Customizable Forms - Designing with Purpose
BLOG | Analytics | Oct 30, 2019

Customizable forms give great flexibility but they can also create great confusion. We have a detailed look at what's involved.

How to Get New Accounts for your Security Guard Company
BLOG | Analytics | May 30, 2018

Sales is sometimes the hardest thing you do in your business. We look how to do it well for your security guard company.

How to Beat the Competition for Contract Security Guard Companies
BLOG | Analytics | Apr 30, 2018

There is always competition in any market but you can beat it. We look at specific strategies for security guard companies.